The Benefits of Cuticle Oil; Why you need to be using it

Your nail tech keeps recommending you use a cuticle oil, but that’s just an expensive version of kitchen oil, right?

Wrong! Cuticle oil is a specially formulated oil that consists of many natural ingredients and vitamins. To get science-y, cuticle oil is thinner in molecular properties than other moisturizers and things like coconut oil. This means that is is more easily able to penetrate the nail plate.

How and when to apply cuticle oil

I recommend applying cuticle oil every night right before bed, or after your shower. Massage the cuticle oil into the skin around the nails and leave it to soak in completely. In dryer weather, you might like to apply after washing your hands throughout the day as well.

Benefit #1: helps hydrate dry and peeling cuticles

Your hands are constantly exposed to varying weather conditions; extreme hot and cold temperatures, exposure to chlorine or salty water and even just washing the dishes can have a damaging effect on your cuticles.

Cuticle oil is a great help in repairing dry, cracked, peeling and brittle cuticles. Cuticle oil can provide a deeper level of moisture that your regular moisturizer because of the formulation and ability to penetrate deeper into the skin and nail plate.

Benefit #2: increases nail strength

Using cuticle oil consistently can actually help to increase the strength of your natural nails. most cuticle oils are specifically formulated with ingredients to promote collagen production in your nails which can help to combat weak and think nails.

Benefit #3: prevents hangnails

If you suffer from pesky hangnails (those hard bits of skin that pop up beside your nail plate), then cuticle oil will be your best friend! Cuticle oil deeply hydrates which helps to soften and condition the skin and also shrink and tighten the cuticles to prevent hangnails.

Benefit #4: helps your enhancements last longer

You might be surprised to learn of this benefit, but it is definitely one of the main reasons us nail techs are so adamant you use your cuticle oil regularly. You nails will become more flexible (as opposed to weak and brittle) with the use of cuticle oils. This means that you nails are less likely to pull away from your enhancements and cause lifting. If you’re a gel polish wearer, your polish is less likely to chip off. The cuticle oil also provides benefits to the polish itself by making the polish more flexible which will also prevent chipping.

Common ingredients

There are many natural ingredients in cuticle oils; here are a few of the most common, and their main benefits.

> Jojoba seed oil: Moisturizes.

> Almond oil: Softens and conditions.

> Vitamin E oil: Softens and reduces the signs of aging.

> Avocado oil: Moisturizes the skin.

> Grape seed oil: Seals moisture in and makes skin soft and flexible.

> Rice bran oil: Softens skin, improves elasticity, helps retain moisture and prevents signs of aging.

So there you have it. Grab that cuticle oil and get those benefits!

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